Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart.

The numbers do not matter….but keeping a youthful attitude is the key to remaining young at heart! Keep the brain agile by playing mind challenging games; Read daily – both for relaxation & edification; Write often – maybe your journal or a blog; A little exercise weekly – even if it’s yoga; Have a sense of humour – laugh often; Have faith in God – what or whomever you perceive God as.

Play. Read. Write. Exercise. Laugh. Pray. There simple activities, when practiced daily, are the way to a winning personality, a youthful outlook and an active mind. Don’t let the old fogey inside get the better of you!


One thought on “Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

  1. I have found that as i age, while i become older, at the same time i remain the same person. Of course i got physically older and i also grew mentally and emotionally (maturity), but the basic essence of me as a person remained the same. At times i still feel i am the same teenager looking out of the eyes of a grandmother. As i said, i am basically the same me. Age is just a number.

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