(Sci-fi Short Story ) A glimpse of the changes in Technology–A day in the year 2030

(Sci-fi Short Story ) A glimpse of the changes in Technology–A day in the year 2030.

An excellent story – of a glimpse into the future – the year 2030:)


Content Commerce


This post by Andre Bourque deals with the hype that surrounds online ‘content marketing.’

The emphasis is placed on creating, sharing, and marketing content well, since the quality of your content is what enables publishers to answers questions, attract visitors and build trust. Three truths as adapted from a recent ‘Content-Commerce Report’ are examined:

  • Deal Sites and Forums Produce More Sales
  • Your Niche Determines Your Earnings
  • Mobile Isn’t For Everybody

Library Success: A Best Practices Wiki

This is certainly an excellent resource for the community of librarians to share and learn from each other. Truly a ‘one stop shop’ for all types of librarians to get information that is collected and organized for them. A great place to advertise not only one’s library successes, but innovations of other libraries that will benefit the community as a whole.

Jason the Content Librarian

Building social networking approach in Libraries can be seen as a superficial way of utilizing social media, if the adoption of such media is not based on the libraries’ own natural context, where they learn the best ways of applying the methods in their core processes. Not because some libraries experience success with certain tools, means that we too would be successful with the very tools.

In accordance with Mr. Veen, copying wholesale is not prudent, just the significant areas that can relate to our particular library structure should be copied or perfected upon.

The Problem With Instalove

The Problem With Instalove.

Tara discusses the debate that readers bring because of “instalove” in so many young adult novels…the love at first sight issue.


I’m fine with instalove, which is a great element in Linda Howard’s novels. I guess this is because I can relate to this, having found my husband of 18 years this way. Of course, friendship, trust, honesty as well as understanding your partner’s love language are all important elements for ‘instalove’ to become ‘constalove’.

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart

Daily Prompt: Young At Heart.

The numbers do not matter….but keeping a youthful attitude is the key to remaining young at heart! Keep the brain agile by playing mind challenging games; Read daily – both for relaxation & edification; Write often – maybe your journal or a blog; A little exercise weekly – even if it’s yoga; Have a sense of humour – laugh often; Have faith in God – what or whomever you perceive God as.

Play. Read. Write. Exercise. Laugh. Pray. There simple activities, when practiced daily, are the way to a winning personality, a youthful outlook and an active mind. Don’t let the old fogey inside get the better of you!

Is Technology a Double-Edged Sword?

There’s no doubt that technology has significantly changed the way we communicate. Today cell phones, email and the Internet top the list of preferred communication methods.

While Internet-based social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook are fine for persons physical miles away – for instance allowing grandparents to see updates and pictures of grandchildren instantly, rather than waiting for the pictures to arrive in the mail – have we gone too far when technology allows us to act less human?

For example, when a mother and daughter can resort to chatting via Skype from their bedrooms in the same house, instead of enjoying each other’s company over a cup of tea, then we know for sure that we have lost the human touch.

Society seems to have accepted, if not embraced, the increased role technology now plays in everyday life. But I often wonder whether or not we are losing touch with what it’s like to treat a human being like a person, instead of like an e-mail address or a screen name.

Is convenience through technology becoming a double-edged sword?


Digital Natives are persons born or brought up during this age of digital technology who are quite familiar with computers and the Internet from an early age.

Most if not all of the digital tools that are reshaping our lives make much more sense to these young experts than to members of older generations. Interestingly though, the following video demonstrates that while they literally ‘eat and drink’ these ICTs daily, they are totally unaware of the term ‘Web 2.0’.